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Mes 30 New Generation Issues

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I spoke to Masterbuilt today about my new generation Mes 30 issue with the controller . My problem is that when setting temperature the control always reads at least 30-40 dergrees lower than my Maverick 732 which I proved to be accurate with boiling water . I can easily get temperatures over 300 and smoker will read somewhere around 250 .I spoke to really nice person at masterbuilt who ordered a new controller for me. Only problem is B/O issue, lead time is about 6 weeks . I did ask about using it this way using the Maverick to set temps and he said it was ok to do .I also asked about some of the high temperature readings I have gotten 320-329 and asked if there was a possibility of damaging the unit,he said no .Maybe the fact that I can get such a high temp when I want is not such a bad thing . He also told me one of the big problems they are working on now with the new units and why they have not been available for so long is an issue with insulation at the top .The indicator that there is a problem with your unit would be that the top would be bent inward .I asked if he meant on the outside top and he said yes .I am going to look inside to see if is bowed in just to make sure . Just thought this might help some of you that have the new gen Mes 30's and 40's.

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