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Wood Fire for Steaks

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Since I have had the horizon, I have smoked something every week.  Even if it was just desert.


So the wife asked the other day if I would do some steaks using the smoker and not the weber kettle.


I said why not and promptly jumped on the site to she what folks do.   I saw several posts about a smoked/reverse sear steak.


Now the thing is we eat our steaks rare+ to no more than med rare.    I do have the cooking grate for the fire box.


So I am wondering what the best method would be. 



Should I build a fire and direct cook?

Should I build a really hot fire and get the smoker super hot and cook indirect in the main chamber?

should I try the reverse sear? 


The reverse sear is the one I am nervous about.


The intent is to cook with wood.  If I want to use charcoal, I would just turn to the tried and true Weber.439.gif



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Simple...If it's a thin steak you have to direct sear.

..If it's medium thickness smoke 225-250(lower for more time in the smoke) to an IT of maybe 110-115 and then sear high heat for 60-90 seconds per side...foil for 10-15 minutes. 


Thicker steak go to 115 IT..then sear

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Why not let the Weber do the cooking? They are very versatile units and can do wood as well as Charcoal.


I suggest starting your Weber Kettle with the coals (less than enough for cooking) after they get ready , add a piece or two of you wood of choice . Let this settle down to Thin Blue Smoke and Grill your Steaks as you wish , taking them to the doneness you want.


As Fwismoker said , the thinner the quicker the cook , so be vigilant , but don't flip them every time you look at them , give time to each side to Caramelize.


You want to make it look like a Steakhouse meat ? Leave it on one side for long enough to make a mark on the bottom ; with your tongs(never puncture the steak ) just lift the edge to check, then when it has a Grill line on it , turn it 1/4 turn , on the same side and let it score again... when it is about half way to you doneness ,  flip them and do the same as above to that side.


You will end-up with a beautiful looking Steak , Remove from fire when done and let it rest for a couple of minutes to re-distribute the juices.


Have fun and . . .

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IMHO "reverse sear" is a waste of time, I have tried it and was not impressed. I prefer to sear and set the steaks aside, away from the coals and grill indirect on the Weber kettle until the IT is 130°-135°.

BTW "reverse sear " is a misnomer, it should be called "sear after cooking". 

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Just use the grill. I prefer mesquite chunks. It burns really hot and imparts a great flavor

I fill up a chimney starter if it's two to four people. Burn down to coals, dump it out and enjoy.

After the steaks rest, top with a pat of ancho, chipoltle or any combo of softened chile butters.

There's numerous recipes, but I use Grady Spears recipe as a base.

That's my take, your mileage may vary.

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