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Electric vs Wood

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So I have had an electric smoker for about 2yrs and would consider myself a novice still with smoking. Chicken wings, and smaller items I can cook well in my electric smoker. I've had a problem with larger meats because my electric smoker doesn't have a side chip loader, so if I need to add chips I have to open the door which allows heat to escape thus allowing the meat not to be cooked. I've read and been told that I need to change the chips every 45 min-hour because the ash will "create a harsh tatste". I recently bought some Jack Daniels wood chips. The smell is crazy from the bag, however I didn't notice a change in flavor when I used them with my wings. My question is if I use a wood smoker will there be a definite flavor change in the food versus the electric smoker. I also need to ask in the electric forum about switching wood chips and getting a "generic" smoke flavor, versus something specific.

Thanks all!
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I have a Bradley electric and got an OK Joe stickburner


there is a huge difference in the taste between the 2 in my opinion


the stickburner produces a much better product


The Bradley is for sale

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John , hello. Don't give up the Watt Burner yet! Get ahold of an AMNPS and go from there; yes the flavor is different with wood smoke. The AMNPS will remedy the problem. Todd advertises on this forum , good guy and totally devoted to his customers.


Have fun and as always . . .

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The stick burner will give you much much more flavor in your meat than the electric..I am thinking of changing over to a stick burner just for that reason...I just do not get the taste that I am looking for with my electric..

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No smoke generator with electric smoker can give you the flavor you get from a stick burner alone.   It's just not the smoke that acts as a seasoning, it is also all the different combustion gasses you get along with the smoke that adds the flavor. 


Think about just plane Jane charcoal with no wood chunks and all the flavor that gives.

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