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lump charcoal.....

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what kind of charcoal do you guys use. I have standard brickettes available but lump is limited. I can get cowboy blend lump or royal oak. I have used weekend warrior but no longer avaliable.
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Cowboy is better than it used to be and Royal Oak is great imo....also RO is always a great deal at Menards, 8lb for 5 dollars. 

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I havent use lump yet, but when I do it will be royal oak.

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And i have to season my new smoker so i wanna keep constant brand, if possible.
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So gentlemen, any suggestions as to seasoning my smoker????? What is your process???
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Seasoning, sure... you'll hear everything from vegetable oil to corn oil to flaxseed oil and linseed oil.  Wipe down with your oil and crank up the heat for a while and then after that get some smoke going also.  Everyone does something different but i went with 250-300 for a couple of hours and then another hour or so with some smoke.  Personally i used linseed oil even though folks will say not to because it's not food grade etc...but i'm still kicking with no ill effects and it put a coat of armor on my smoker. 

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Ok what are you using for smoke chips or chunks?
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Originally Posted by the fireman View Post

Ok what are you using for smoke chips or chunks?

It makes no difference for seasoning..what ever you have on hand. 

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Ok I thank you. Always used everyone else's and cooked there food for them. Be MY first smoker. Did a brisket over the weekend. Turned out awesome with some hickory. Was tuning my brother oky Joe after heat plates
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Lol its a turn and burn to. I have 3 whole chickens to smoke saturday
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Here in So Cal we have Trader Joes i just tried their hardwood charcoal last weekend and i have to say it is outstanding if you can get it give it a try.

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Yea no trader joes doing here. I am in the country side of Maryland..... lol I am buying some hickory from the Amish..... but its green. Opinions on royal oak????
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