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Old Hot Dogs

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A few days ago I grabbed a bunch of cooked hot dogs from the refrigerator and was going to take them for lunches during the week.

Anyhow I forgot all about them and left them on the counter.

When I got home I saw them sitting on the counter and figured the kids must have recently grabbed them from the fridge and heated one up.


Anyhow I grab one and tossed it on a plate into the micro, popped on a roll and had a quick diner.

A little while later I say to the kids, make sure you put the food back in the refrigerator next time, they said we haven't eaten since we've been home from school...OH Boy, this is not going to be good.


I was expecting a rough night.

The night came and passed and I was fine but it started me thinking, was I lucky or are these things that loaded with preservatives that they would not spoil sitting on a 74° counter for close to 10 hours?


I believe I was lucky!

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I'm glad you're okay. When in doubt, throw them out. It might be wasteful, but you don't need to worry about food poisoning...
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I agree---You were lucky, and so are we for not losing you!!!


Like DJ said, "When in doubt, throw them out!"




post #4 of 13 just might have a "cast iron" tummy!



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Food poisoning is a scary thing, it will make a healthy person real sick but whats worse is it can be deadly to little ones and the elderly.


I have been lucky quite a few times, and a few times not so lucky (no doing of my own).


Agreed When in Doubt, Throw them Out.

In retrospect I should have asked the kids right then and there if they got them out and not assume anything. I probably would have questioned it if the dogs didn't feel so cold, figured they may have been out 10 minutes or so due to how cold they felt.

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I have a co-worker who will bring in KFC at the start of shift, eat some and leave the rest on his desk for close to 10hrs. then finish it off. He has never been sick, and has been doing it for a few years now (that I know of). My only guess is that he has built up some kind of immunity. I get sick to my stomach every time he does it.




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Happy to hear you didn't get sick! Food poisoning is no fun, I've had it twice, but not of my own doing!

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What kind of hot dogs are we talking here?  Like, actual small sausages with real meat and natural casing like we make here in Wisconsin or more like those Oscar Mayer meatless, processed, pasteurized, plastisized, lips and assholes meat-food abomination type?  You're probably safe if they were the "all beef franks" because they are not real meat!






Seriously, I'm glad you're OK.  Food poisoning blows!

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I think there is so much crap in processed food you could leave it out for days and it would not spoil..BUT DO NOT TRY IT...

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Glad you still one of the living, I' d hate to think you of all folk would die on a Weiner ROTF.gif


Sorry, thay was the perfect set-up .


Be cool and get your BBQ log out so you can memember...


Have fun this Summer. . .

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Well I remember back in the day, down on my grandparents farm fried chicken used to sit out all day only covered with a cotton cloth on a plate.  No one ever got sick.  I have no idea if we were also lucky either.  Of course this was before the days of color TV and no one had ever even heard of FM radio.  And the chickens were harvested about 50' out the back door and headed straight for the fryer.

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Not that I would recommend eating spoiled food but properly heating things should kill all the creepy crawlies that would make you sick.  And you know there's this guy.



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