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Hi all am not to sure if I got this in the right spot but here gos . I was just wondering if any one has built something simmiler to a Scottsdale . I really want to make something simmiler to it it looks pretty cool and very versatile .
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Could you explain a little more what a "Scottsdale" is? I've been around here for a year and a half and this is the first time I've ever heard of it and I'm sure there are a lot of other members who haven't either. A little more detail and I bet there are some here that know what it is.
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Here's a link I hope it's ok to post this
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OK I've seen Santa Maria grills before so now I know what you are talking about.
I've never built anything like that but it is a cool looking smoker!
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Different twist on Smoking with direct heat . Yeah, they are cool.

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Am just about to start building one all post pics as I go
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[IMG] here it is all most done just need to do a few more thing all up load more pics of the build later
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