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Just got 6 twin packs at lowes. So seems like they aren't worrying about the limit.
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And got 50¢ per bag for using my lowes card!
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Lowe's is closer to me than HD, so I bought 2 double bags last night. And yes, there was a big sign saying, "Limit 2".

Had to sneak them into the garage, as the wife seems to think we don't need any more charcoal. Of course, she is crazy. But since I usually use one of my two electrics, and I no longer use my offset anymore, I do go through less. I just can't seem to give up my old Weber kettle.


I'll be going back for more, I'm sure. biggrin.gif

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got the Home Depot ad this morning in the paper....HD is selling theirs for $12.88 for the 2 pack around here.  Lowes price is better.  Sent the Hubster out today to get some.



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Originally Posted by mneeley490 View Post

This is bizarre. I'm looking at the on-line ad for my Home Depot store and it says a price of $9.88. But I'm holding the print ad in my hand this very moment, and it says the price is $12.88!

Called the store,and while they don't say it's a misprint, they do say they'll honor the on-line ad price.

Just came from picking up 5 of these. There was a $12.88 sign discarded to the side of the $9.88 sign.

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On sale at Lowes and HD in Louisianaand this weekend is tax free weekend so the savings are even greater.

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Just got 28 bags (14 twin packs) at Lowe's. The sign said limit 2 per customer but the manager said they had 50 pallets full and I could buy all I wanted. He offered to load a full pallet if I wanted it.
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Originally Posted by Thain View Post

Trying to keep up with all the sales, so I can stock up.
Just saw at Walmart $7 for 2 15.5lb bags.
Let us know what see on sale. Sure they'll be better at Lowe's or HD.
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I just bought 1200 lbs at Walmart for $300 and they said they lost money on this sale
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Originally Posted by bbqmansd View Post

I just bought 1200 lbs at Walmart for $300 and they said they lost money on this sale


I wouldn't feel too sorry for the Waltons. They've still got a few bucks left.

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I'm not sorry at all just like the great deal
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Originally Posted by Whittling Chip View Post

Got mine today at Home Depot. Picked up ten 2x20lb bags for $9.88 each. Here's what 400lbs of charcoal looks like!

Whatcha gonna smoke Hogzilla?

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And I thought I bought a lot of charcoal.  I bought 10 double packs.   I use about half bag in an all day smoke, but I do smoke a lot!


Great buy.  Last year Lowes ran another sale in the fall. 


Happy Smoking!

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I was thinking of going back to get five more bags, but decided to wait until Independence Day. All that charcoal sitting around would put too much pressure on me to keep smoking... biggrin.gif

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Was out of town this weekend so the wife went out and picked up 240lbs for me, she's the best!
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While I was at Lowe's, I bought a 2 lb. bag of Cowboy brand pecan chips. Went to use them for my wings, and as soon as I opened the bag I could smell and see mold!  Returned them ok, but it sure put a damper on my smoke. Went with apple, instead.

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**Just an updated of sale going on in my area:


I was in Lowe's last night and they had the double pack 20lb bags of Kingsford stacked all over the store still from the weekend. I asked the employee in the grill section if sale was still going on and he said no, but then he said if I pull up the weekly ad for HomeDepot on my smart phone and show the cashier at checkout they will price match to $9.98. Worked so easily. If you are pulling up the ad on your phone, go to Home Depot site then Weekly ad then type in charcoal in search bar and should get the ad.


Also- I then stopped by home depot on way home and they are only running the sale at my local HD until it is out of stock. So if you are in the neighborhood of a Lowe's you should be able to take advantage of this price match, or hit up a HD today for the $10 for 40lbs deal. 

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