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Ok u seasoned BBQ Veterans

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My beginner's setup is a Brinkmann Vertical 2-Door that I modified. It is my first smoker and what I have learned the ropes on.

Im now ready to start smoking for small events such as family reunions, church dinners, etc..

What's a good intermediate level smoker that I can fix alot more meat on that would work best for those types of events?

I also want something that is well worth the money.
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How much food do you want to cook in the new BBQ?

What is your upper price limit?

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Really comes down to give us the budget, we'll give you the options.  I think any of the available cheap ($200 to $500) offsets with a few mods will be a welcome addition to your arsenal providing more grill space including Chargriller, Oklahoma Joes, Old Country, New Braunfels among a myriad of others.  Of course if your budget is greater than that, then your options become better.

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bruno nailed it perfect....all comes down to $$$$$$$$$$$$

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Right now my spending limit is around $400
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Why not make a UDS

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Originally Posted by RdKnB View Post

Why not make a UDS

2nd this....  you can build 2 incredible cookers for less than $ 400.     I did one of these and will be doing a 2nd, really good versatile cookers!

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How do you add fuel to them? Don't you have to lift the whole thing apart?
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Play with them to see how to fill your Coal basket, these things con go for about 12hrs. at a time, and recovery is quick ,open it up for a few mins. and back to your valve setting.


Otherwise you'll need a unit like this :


Costly to say the least...


Have fun with the UDS's ans as always. . .

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$400 don't buy BIG Smokers. You can build nice in that range, think 2+ UDS or find a Buddy with a Welder and a 200Gal Oil tank...JJ

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