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Check out this Cob!

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My work allows me to get outdoors every once in a while. Last Friday we headed out to do a topographic survey on a two hundred acre farm that a client bought. They inherited this really cool Cob oven. Right next to it is a grilling pit. Thought I had a better picture, of all of it but it appears that I don't! I opened up the door to check things out. The current tenant is the old owner of the property and she said that she makes several loafs of bread a week in there! Pretty cool!

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i love it.


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  Is that kinda like a pizza oven? Looks like fun!



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Originally Posted by So MS Smoker View Post

  Is that kinda like a pizza oven? Looks like fun!



Yep exactly, here's a pretty good blog showing one being built:


Part one of a video tutorial:


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That is pretty awesome!


Wish I had one!



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Freaking cool!!!

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I looked like that quite often as a kid, Mom would take me out to the yard and use the garden hose to wash me off, then make me strip at the door....LOL You learned not to mess up when it was cold.


WFO (Wood Fired Ovens) are comming back in style, mostly as pizza ovens though. When still required they were communal areas, used by all the neighbors. You had a bake day and many would make bread at the same time. Once you get the oven smokin, it is like a smoker, it lasts awhile. Not unusual at all to do 36/48 loaves in a firing.


Beating up bread dough is a real stress reliever!


Really nice find. Totally cool DS!

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That's pretty cool! 



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Well !

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