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First shot at making Breasola - recipe is very simple, process takes a couple of weeks to cure. Patiently waiting in the cure chamber to see how this turns out.


Eye of Round



Salt, pepper, sugar, cue #2, juniper berries, rosemary, thyme


Recruited my eldest to assist - he loves to help cook



All rubbed down with half the mix - one week - apply rest of cure mixture - one more week


After the first week



Apply second half of cure/spice mix



Rinsed and dried - ready for tying



All tied up - need some practice, not pretty but it works



Hung and ready to go



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Looking good! Bresola is on my list of things to do. Looks like you have some other projects working away in the curing chamber too!

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looks good.

happy smoken.


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    Question, what temp does your chamber maintane? 

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Originally Posted by sawyer View Post

    Question, what temp does your chamber maintane? 

I keep it at around 60F with 65-70% humidity.

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