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First time spatchcock

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Hey all,


So I have decided to take the advice of others based on what I have seen and I decided to spatchcock a couple of yardbirds....


I picked them up as a two pack at Sam's Club a while back and decided it was time that I cooked 'em



I used a pair of kitchen shears to take the bone out and it wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it was going to be to get the bone out...




I rubbed them with a rub that I got from someone here at SMF (but I am always looking for new rubs since the wife didn't like the sage that was in this rub.....)



This pic is 2 hours at 270-290 depending on the wind.....




The finished birds. I used apple wood for the first 3 hours and then I finished it off with an hour or so of Alder smoke just to give it a little twist in the sweetness. I ended up chopping the chickens instead of serving them halves and used an Alabama White Sauce (Another recipe from here on SMF) to enjoy. By the time I got everything chopped and sauced we were too hungry to worry about taking a pic but, it all came out nice except a little SNAFU...( see "Rough Patch" in this forum). Hope you all enjoyed this first posting in a bit and let me know what you think...thanks...usa.gif

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Looks good! I like to spatchcock whole chickens when we smoke them.

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looks great.

happy smoken


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Looks great , vetmp .  Sounds like you need a good 'Probe' or Instant Read Thermometer or both :



Maverick-732 remote Thermometers -these are the reciever units . These units track your Grate temps. and IMT's. Very easy to use and easy to store (I suggest a plastic box the size of the shipping package.)   A little pricey,but a great asset.


Have fun and ...

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Real nice job Michael !!!


Looks Perfect !!!




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