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Whole bird

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Picked this up today. Rubbed and injected with butter and Tony Chachers.

I usually i go slow and low then crisp under the broiler. Been running this one over 300* the whole time. May jack it to 350* for the last 30*

Post more pics when its out of the smoke.
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Finished pic.
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Yummy ! That looks perfect !
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nice bird!



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That looks delicious, David! Great color! Nicely done!

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David , hey that Bird looks good drool.gif Too bad the skin torn , it would of been a near perfect color.


I like the Mahogany color it takes on ; and it's not oversmoked looking.


Good job . Have fun and ...

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Thanks everyone. It was delicious. The skin came out nice and crispy. Any birds in the future will be done at the same temp. I used hickory chunks and can't tell you how long it took, I never looked at the clock, just watched my Mav.
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