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My first fatty!

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I'd never heard of fatties before i joined this forum 1 week ago. Most of the fatties ive seen in this forum, i want to try
This is a copy of the "italian fatty", but slightly modified

Sausage meat (50% mild 50% hot)
Red pepper
Orange pepper
Yellow onion

Im fairly new to smokers
I have a napoleon apollo 3 in 1 water smoker
This is only my 3rd time using a smoker. Ive never been able to get the internal temp over 190 degrees, but the previous times i used it. This wind was fairly strong. Also, today its predicted to thunderstorm:(
I have a spot where the smoker will stay out of the rain and most of the wind
But i'll listen to any advice i can get!
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Still the same problem:(
I cannot get it hot enough

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Factory therms are notorious for being very inaccurate. Check another therm in boiling water and see if it reads 212. Put that in your smoker and see what your temp is. You may want to check (a sponsor here) and look into the maverick et732. In doing a chicken right now the therm on my smoker says 285 and my maverick( which I know is accurate) is reading 356.
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Man these were good!
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Nice job Paul! The fatties look good!

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They do look good.  Was the bacon crispy?

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The bacon was still pretty juicy

I had reached an internal temp of 164..ish so i pulled them off, wrapped in tinfoil and let rest for 20 minutes.

Today i picked up the maveric dual prong thermometer.
(The only place i could find it in edmonton was BBQ country)
As it was only my 3rd or 4th time smoking, the guess work was too stressfull.

I had around 10 people over (most of which are "foodies), all went back for seconds! And many took pictures of the fatty.

Some were making new names for it like "bacon kinder surprise" or "russian doll of bacon"

No one got sick! lol

My wife an i are talking about doing a festive fatty with turkey, cranberry, and stuffing;)

This forum is incredible for a newbie like me. Im going to be involved for a long time! Thanks for the help everyone!
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Great looking fatty! The new therm will reduce your stress level.

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Congrats on the maverick.
You may be looking at patent infringement charges. Lol
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And here we thought we were sooooo clever!
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smoked two on my char broil off set smoker.  8 people ate them before the plates came out.  it was a feeding frenzy at the counter. used cherry and maple. no charcoal. followed the recipe in Jeff's new book.  cant wait to experiment!

* follow the recipe in Jeff's new book. smoking in my char broil silver off set barrel smoker. built and maintained fire with cherry and maple. no charcoal. 225-245 for 3 hrs. potatoe prob in the middle.

8 people ate these babies in about 15 minutes. even before we got out the plates. my poor son missed the boat!!

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Nice Fatties.Paulmart. (I almost said Walmart)LOL.


Keep doing these are easier than imagined , Huh ?


One of my favorite dishes. Trouble is getting the $$ to make them.LOL


Have a great Summer and as always . . .

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These are so fun to make and a huge show stopper. Much easier then they look for any new comers who are hesitant to attempt

Also, if you run into trouble, post in on SMF, the instant responses are amazing. This community is tight!

I cant wait to do my next fatty.
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