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Newbie MES 30"

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I got my smoker! Yeah. Put it together. Got chips. Did the three hour cure (while watching Star Trek - the original from 79 - so slow moving. To much artsy musical interludes). Enough of the review. I have my ABT recipe. I just need to know how long in the smoker. And finally how to re-warm later at a party? Please and thank you all!
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Did the research. 3 hrs at 210 - 225.  Good luck. Keep Smokin!

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So I forgot to submit Pictures - THey turned out well, and were a bit spicier than I thought they would be - I enjoyed them, but they caught a few people off guard with the Heat...Thanks for the cooking times "Smoke Blower" 








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They look great!!! I think some folks are just more sensitive to heat than others. I got my love for heat when i was over in the orient during my days in the service.  Still have it. What did you put in for filling? Reinhard

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I'd say those turned out great!  Nicely done!



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Yeah !!!!!

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Looks Great from here!!!




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Those look fantastic!!! Details on the filling, etc please.

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OK - Now you are testing my memory - I used Presidents Choice "Blue Menu" Pork Sausage - I cooked that first with S&P&Paprika- that was what the potatoe masher was for..Then set aside and let cool for a bit - Prepare other ingredients, then add cream chees to sausage.  Or it just melts away. Looks like I used 1 package or 5 sausages because there is still one left in the picture.  Then 1/2 a purple onion, and 3 cloves of garlic minced. About 24 Jalepno peppers, webbed and seeded, and 1 brick of Philadelphia Cream Chees (not light) softened.  Mix all together, fill the Jalepenos, wrap with a full slice of bacon - I tried 1/2 slices for the first 2. (I learned quick) - Then smoked as above - 3 hrs at 210 - 225.  I don't know why the picture is upside down - No matter how I save it, this post put in upside down.  Wouldn't want to spill my beer.   Looks like 5 sausages made about 30 - Enjoy





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Thanks Curtis. I appreciate it. Reinhard

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they look great, I hope to be able to share some of my own ABT's soon enough, Hope all have a great weekend!

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