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First ribs won't be my last!

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Yesterday after reading extensively about what method to use on St. Louis style pork spare ribs, I put a light amount of deli mustard and rubbed them with some store bought rub. I did not do the 321 method and instead let them go for about 6 hrs or so. I spritzed them every hour with 50/50 solution of beer and applejuice[IMG]

I blame the beer and a terrible knife on the cutting job
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Hi Chrisarm.  Those look great from hear!  Did they taste as delicious as they look?



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Yes, please. Let us know how they have turned out. I have done the 3-2-1 method and had good results but have read threads from others extolling the benefit of not foiling so I would love to hear how these turned out.

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Hope they tasted as good as they look.  For me I love the 3-2-1 method, but to each their own :)

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icon14.gif looks good bud...i don't foil either..always had great results.icon14.gifyahoo.gif
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