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Originally Posted by navarre View Post

I have it sketched out with dimensions. My thought about the firebox to CC connection was to cut a 10x10 hole in each, and join them with a box a couple of inches tall with a damper installed. It matches up with Feldons calcs. I want to make rectangular vents for the firebox vice round ones. Easier cutting. I have an ashbox door from an old stove to install on the end of the FB.  





The drawing below shows the design of a very good smoker....  The calculators, to do this, are in the thread...   I would recommend following plans of a proven smoker....  You are going to put a lot of work into this project....  .... 


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Thanks dave, not sure what I was thinking about the damper between the FB and CC. I plan on insulating the FB. Have a friend that is a certified welder to lend me a hand. I will give him the other tank for his help. Picked up some mobile home axles and wheels. The trailer is currently welded to the axle with no springs. Will swap it out with an axle with springs to get the height figured out, so I know how I want to orient the smoker on the trailer. May put it lengthwise and have the firebox come out near the edge of the trailer. 


Can I use the 1/8th inch steel to make the warming box? A little thin, but it is available. How hot does the warming box get? Realize it is a WAG based on design,etc but if it is directly over the FB it should transfer a lot of heat. 

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Folks have made warming boxes out of 1/8".... warps like crazy..... they ended up cutting it off and redoing it from 1/4".....  Dave

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I can use some of it to wrap the firebox I guess. 

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Second smoker.

Warming box, end of another tank for FB.


[url=,0,120,0,0,0,27720.00,9240.00&fb=0,0,0,24,24,10857.02,9240.00,117.5&ch=5,542.85,29.59&fi=4,8,0,32.57,1.02&fc=10.52,14.87,86.86]Link to BBQ Pit Calculator[/url]


Are my measurements on these ok?

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nav, evening...... I would use the recommended firebox size for all the calculations and use the larger firebox on the smoker....  you don't need to add the additional firebox size when calculating....   The cook chamber doesn't know how big the firebox is....  those numbers are there just to insure you have enough of a firebox to make enough heat....    Dave   


Use the circle calculator for the FB to CC opening ...... It is a much better tool.....     

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Picked up some rebar, odds and ends, and a 24in piece of 24in 1/4in pipe to use for my firebox. 320lbs of metal for $85. Some of the metal is being used for a workbench and new gates. Almost ready to start construction. The scrap yard still has about 12-14ft of the pipe left. I need about a half a sheet of plate and some angle and will have most everything together. 


I built an UDS to hold me over until the smoker is finished. I also acquired another propane tank from my son's new house. 

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Picked up some more materials. 



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Also bought an MES30 at the scrap yard for 25 cents a pound. Appears to have never been used. A little bit of burn in the wood chip bin, but the rest is clean. 

Plugged it in, and it appears to work fine. The display is a little funky. You need to press below the display to get all the digits to display correctly. Picking up a firepit from there today as well.

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