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New Member - BACON - Turning on Q-View

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Since I joined today, I figured I would start things off with a quick Thank You!!!!!

I've been trolling for a while and researching BACON!!!!!!!!!!!!


Here is my first post with the efforts from your knowledge:

Just shy of 10 lbs but, its enough for me to test the skills.

Kosher Salt, DQ #1, & Brown Sugar as the base cure.

For two pieces, I'll be adding 1/3 c Maple Syrup.

For one piece, I'll be adding 1 tbs cracked pepper, 2 tsp Garlic Powder, & 1 tsp of Old Bay.


Into the fridge for an eternity.


After the cure, I'll be using my Big Green Egg with the AMNPS and apple pellets for a cold smoke.

it will be interesting to see how this combination performs but, with the egg being ceramic, i hope to maintain low temps. I might need to add a block of ice into the smoker during the day.


Thanks for the help,



Play by play below....


Had a hard time finding pork belly until I found pictures of folks getting it from Whole Foods:


Its my birth day:


The prep begins: 



Decided to remove the skin - I discovered I need a new set of knives!


Cut into three manageable pieces:


Carefully measured the Kosher Salt, Brown Sugar, & Cure #1 for each piece using the awesome calculator.

Two pieces for the family and one for me....Maple & Brown Sugar....Black Pepper, Garlic Powder & Old Bay.


Rubbed with love and bagged for the cure, now the waiting game begins!

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Well , welcome1.gif , Smoke-inator . Glad you joined in the fun , and what a wonderful intro.


I see you will fit in here well drool.gif , already with the Q-view.  Send some of your equipment and you too if you like ( inquiring people want to know).roflmao.gif.


Have fun and as always ...

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Looks like a good start !!!


Welcome Smoke-inator !!!




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Oh , by the way BD.gif


Have fun and as always ...

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Welcome aboard Smoke-inator and a big Happy Birthday to you.

All is looking good. Now the wait begins.

I've used an electric knife to remove the skin. It worked pretty good.

Now I brine, smoke and then remove the skin.

BTW, make some fried pig skins out of all of that skin. Homemade ones are outstanding.

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