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Couple beginners questions

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I plan on doing a bit of smoking this weekend on my new MES 30.

1. How many pounds of chips will I need for around 30 hours of smoking over 3 days?

2. Is the AMNPS worth it? Should I just order that now and not worry about chips?

Thanks for any help .
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Hi Buzz.


I'll answer your 2nd question first:  Yes!  IMO the AMNPS is the best thing I ever purchased to use in my MES40.  It'll produce 8-10 hours or more of perfect smoke on a single load of pellets.


If you use the chip loader/tray, plan on refilling it at least every 30 minutes to an hour (depending on your cook temp) for as long as you plan to apply smoke to your cook.


Good luck!



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njbuzz, evening and welcome to the forum... When using chips, I recommend only using about 1/4 cup at a time..  and like Red said, add chips about every 45 min or so....   That way you can change chips for a different flavor of smoke...  If you are planning on using mesquite chips, go easy on them.... mesquite has a powerful flavor...  



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What you planning on smoking those three days? The AMNPS and it's older brother AMNS was designed to overcome the need to keep adding Chips to the MES, so they go hand in hand...JJ

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