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Home Spun Herbs n Spices

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On occasion I like to visit the local meat market just to brows around and get ideas.

A couple months ago I saw a spice mix that was black pepper and garlic.

I love pepper and garlic and use both on almost everything I cook, but I never thought of combining the two and use as a single spice.    Instead of paying $14 for the container I was holding in my hand, and because I already had the ingredients at home, I left and made my own pepper/garlic spice mix I have named parlic.  It took a few trials to get the right portion of pepper and garlic but here is the final result.

No matter the quantity of the mix, 1 cup or 10 cups, the ratio should be about the same depending on your own taste –


Combine 1/3 garlic and 2/3 pepper  in a container and let it set for a couple weeks taking it out to give a good shake now and then.  I prefer to keep my parlic in a glass bottle. 


I have a parlic mix that has some cayenne pepper added.  Should be good for wings or to add to a sauce.  However you mix and store it, we have yet another option available to us.

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Great no-salt recipe for those of us concerned with salt intake!  Sounds like a winner!

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