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Soft/Spreadable to smoke it

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Hey All,

Still a newbie so go soft on my "inexperienced" questions.

My wife and I were at a meat/butcher shop last week. Well, tbey had soft /cream cheese that was smoked and awesome. Yes, I'll go ask them how they did it this weekend, but I want advice from my wonderful friends on this forum.

I know how to smoke a block of cheese but what's the process for spreadable...smoke a block and blend it into a spread? Give me a few tips.

I'm using a smokin-it smoker with the cold smoking plate as my equipment.

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There is a member that did butter and cream cheese a bit ago.  Here is a link to his thread!


It's easy!  Make sure you show the q-views when you try it!


Hope that helped!



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I have smoked cream cheese. The kind that comes in the card board box with a foil liner. I just unwrapped it from the foil, and left it sit on the foil on the smoker racks. Cold smoked of course. I smoked it for about a hour is all and that was plenty of smoke. For other soft cheeses I would put them on foil and let-er rip. I'm sure that the Q-matz that Todd sells would work for these cheeses too. Note soft cheese doesn't require much smoke.

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I smoked it during the winter. So, it was easy to keep the temperature down.

I have read that some people fill 2 liter bottles with water and freeze them, then put those in the smoker to maintain low temps.

Good luck and don't forget the q-view.
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On my last cold smoke the wife had just picked up some whipped cream cheese in the plastic container so I thought lets try it!! Just took the lid off and threw it in the smoker for 2-1/2 hrs. To my surprise it came out pretty good, the container itself absorbed enough smoke to give the fridge a nice aroma all week long.

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Cohiba, Check the following link for some ideas that will work with your smoker, pictures 1 & 2 should help.  You will get a much cooler, smoother smoke as much of the smoke residue will be left in the smoker.


The following may help also.



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