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Mmmmm......... Garfish balls. I never thought of smoking it!


Gator is really not that bad, you have to really clean it well. Plus its kind of like blackened fish, neither was ever heard of let alone nationally known when most non-tourists here were kids. Alligator sauce piquante, now there is the best way to cook it. Low and slow in hot tomato juices! Aiiiiieeeeee!! That be some good stuff maynard! Loads of long necks!!


Getting lost is just not an option, you may do it once but after an evening in the swamp, ( in the evening it does cool off enough so the mosquitos come out, its too hot during the day), you will learn to either mark you trail or carry a compass.


Chopic, name that fish!

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Oh ... Lol I saw him on tv this morning , the Cajun Favio . We catch a few too yeah

Frogs too

We usually make gar patties but just started smoking it so we cut it in strips and make like a jerky . It's sooo good it almost taste like bacon with a faint hint of fish ... Really good stuff !
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Now that is one impressive frog! Almost have to smoke those legs low and slow....... you figure 7 or 8 hours, whats your IT?  Too big to fry!


How can ya clean that gar? I don't see a cane knife anywhere?


I always smile when someone asked about the huge nail driven up thru our homemade picnic table with a sharpened point. We keep a board on top of it so no one should get accidently hurt. The table top and seats are made with oak 2 x 12's. You gotta love the oil field!

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I saw that Frog on TV----"The Creature From The Black Lagoon".biggrin.gif




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Actually we didn't catch that frog but we were in the blind river frog rodeo where it won big frog . I think it was 2 1-2 lbs . It came from the rice fields of southwest La .

We normally clean and put the gar meat on ice straight out of the water . That's our cleaning board and theres the cane knife in the front of the boat ... We don't leave home without it . It's almost as important as the boat motor .. Lol

I've never had it but they say the old people put the smoked gar in gumbo. If I can save some next go round I will definitely try it in some gumbo !

Here are some of our puny frogs ..
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Don't use cane knife anymore. 18v sawzall works Great.

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