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Wood box size

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Did up some chickens yesterday and had a random thought (gets more random with age :):)

That ""little"" box that holds the wood chips is just to small. If I super size it to an 8"x11" pan would that make any difference to the smoking results?  Can there be to MUCH smoke being put out.


I know, quit being so lazy and go check it more often!!

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What kind of smoker do you have?
Yes there can be too much smoke. You want a nice thin blue colored smoke we like to call TBS not a thick white billowing smoke which can over smoke the food and create creosote which will give the food a very bitter taste.
Tell us a little more about your smoker set up and we can help you with how much wood you should be using.
When you get a minute would you do us a favor and swing by "Roll Call" and introduce yourself so we can give you a proper SMF Welcome, Thanks!
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Thats where I thought this might go so I guess it's just move it,,,move it!!


I'm using the Great Smoky Mt gas unit, which I really like. Biggest thing to learn is how to get that temp where I want it. Actually, the problem is I just have to be more patient. Fire it up and let it alone for enough time to settle in on the temp I want.


Thanks for the advice on the smoke....

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I have a GOSM widebody and have found chunks work better than chips. 2-3 chunks is just about right but only last about an hour so you have to keep adding to it. The factory wood pan is fine since you don't really have to overload it.
When I first got mine I couldn't keep the temp below 250* until I did a couple of simple mods. I dumped the water and filled the pan with sand, this will really help maintain more stable temps. I can still place a disposable foil pan on top of it with a little water to catch drippings.
I also installed a needle valve, this really helped me get lower temps and gave much more control.
I have since made a lot more mods but those two really got the smoker working like it should.
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