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That is one nice looking flock of birdsdrool.gif I have only tried a turkey once. Just re modeled my grill into a reverse flow. Still got some tweaks and bugs to work out, but hope to get some practice in with some chickens before I do another turkey.biggrin.gif

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Thanks BHwakins

 It turned out to be a real hit for dinner. Whole turkeys at times can be intimidating to some folks.  The point of the post was to show how easy they really are to prep. Using off the shelf marinades and rub it couldn't be simpler to make an awesome meal.  And a great value too. Whole Turkey is an inexpensive meat but impressive when served.  All the ingredients including marinde fruits and rub cost about $22.00. 

Cheap entertainment  for me. Great food for the folks. 

Thanks for the kind words.

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I'd say you done good. Looks awesome. 

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I'd say both of y'all done good.. they both look absolutely scrumptious... thumb1.gif
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I knew we were going to see a nice golden bird! Awesome BD!!!!
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Thanks Jack / S2

Just enough of that bird left to take a sammie to work this morning.  Then its gone till next time! 

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BDSkelly I dont know if you use wood chips or pellets, but BBQr's Delight sells a Savory Herb blend pellets that is real good for poultry. Both birds look good.

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I use both Slinger.  Been using chips here lately. 

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Thats cool, if you ever decide you want to try the pellets they have a website you can order from.

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I'll give them a shot!  Thanks for the tip slinger.

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Not a problem, I know I used them on a turkey and chicken and gave them both great flavor.

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It tasted wonderful. My friends said it was the best they ever had. I've had the best turkey sandwiches this week (one of the reasons why I wanted to do one). To me, birds are a bit more work because of the brineing and injecting but you get so much flavor out of your efforts. I will be doing two turkeys the next time ( I need to find something better to brine in, preferably round that will just accommodate a 14lb turkey so I am open to suggestions).


So far I have covered pork ribs (both baby backs and spare), beef ribs, whole chickens and chicken quarters, turkey and prime rib in my first year of smoking (obviously I've done some repeats). So what should I do next? :D

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