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Chicken is a great first cook for a WSM.  Most people usually run chicken at higher temp and if you leave the water pan out the drippings will sizzle on the coals and give a wonderful aroma to the whole process.  It also helps build up that magic layer that takes the "new-ness" away on the inside of the main body also. 


If you have never tried it Cornell Chicken is a great recipe and pretty straight forward.  Just baste the chicken every so often as it cooks.  It's also called "Fireman's chicken" or "Roadside chicken" and there are several threads about it with a couple of recipe variations on this site.

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I thought the chicken would be a good start because I read other posts explaining that a new WSM will produce higher temps until a non-heat reflective coating is formed inside through the cooking process.  Chicken skin will crisp up with higher temps so I'll take advantage of the brand new high heat cook on the chicken and let the chicken grease help out with building the inside cooker coat.  I'll check out the Cornell Chicken.  Thanks!

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They do run a little hot as the coating is somewhat reflective until you start to build up the smoke coating.  It's not a lot, but it is noticeable if you are used to running a broken in WSM.  You can still smoke "low and slow" all it does is tend to creep towards 235 instead of 225 so it's no big deal.

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Yeah, that's not as much of a difference as I was expecting.  I'll leave the top vent totally open the whole time and mess around with the 3 lower vents to get an idea on temp. control.  You mentioned leaving the water pan out.  Would you still recommend trying to maintain a low and slow temp between 225 - 250 or should I ramp it up some?


Read some threads/posts on the Cornell/Fireman's chicken.  Looks like the chicken is being grilled directly over hot coals instead of low and slow.  What cooker temp do you think would be good to shoot for or should I just use the WSM as I would a grill for this?

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Originally Posted by JayBone View Post

Kryinggame, My belly-aching days are now history!  Purchased an 18.5" WSM at my local ACE hardware today.  Purchase price was $299 and didn't have to pay any sales tax because of a Labor Day weekend sales special.  That saved me $25.42.  Guess I can go over to Home Depot and spend the savings on the $9.88 20 pound twin pack Kingsford blue charcoal.

Den60, dward51, coronaca92879, BamaBBQ thanks for all your posts!  I still may end up with a 22.5" WSM at some point in time.

Can't wait to assemble and try her out.  Thinking of a couple batches of chicken thighs for the maiden voyage.

Congrats, you broke your cherry!

Right now, I actually have 2 pork butts in my 18". Theyre currently at 189* internally and for the past 7 hours and 57 minutes, they've been smoking btwn225 and 250. Thursday, I went down to Home Depot and purchased 20 bags (10 sets) of charcoal.

Trust me, you won't be disappointed on your purchase. If you need advice on using it, check out the virtual webber bulletin website. It's a site dedicated to the WSM.
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Thanks, I've been to the Virtual Weber site and it does have great information and tips.  I bought 5 sets of the Kingsford yesterday but wouldn't mind doubling that.  Good luck with the rest of your butt smoke!

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Craig, I have read through both of those threads several times and plan on revisiting them again now that I finally have a WSM.  By the way, you're one of the main forum members that got me excited about the WSM.  I have known about their existence for a long time but it wasn't until I started investigating SMF WSM threads that I really got interested.  You have taken the mystery out of the WSM and presented your knowledge and experience with it in a way that makes it seem easy to use.  I still can't get over the fact that by using the Minion Method and keeping the top vent completely open then just manipulating one bottom vent you can maintain a consistent 225 - 250 deg smoker temp over an extended period of time of 12 hours or more.  Can't wait to experience this for myself.  Was also thinking of your threads when deciding to get the 18.5" vs. the 22.5".  May still end up with the bigger WSM someday but until then I look forward to many successful enjoyable cooking experiences with the 18.5"


Thanks a bunch.  I really appreciate it!

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