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The Heat Is On!

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  So I recently got a new Sears Kenmore grill/smoker combo this last weekend and tried it out right away - smoked ribs and a tenderloin on Sunday.


  Everything went fine for the most part - and it was all tasty, but I had trouble regulating the temp. I was going to smoke for 3.5 hours at 225° as I had done some quick research and found that a majority of recipes promoted the smoker's mantra of 'low and slow'. However, after the first 45 minutes or so, the temp gradually climbed to about 250° and then about 2.5 hours in, rose to 270°ish regardless of the dial setting (as low as it could go). I adjusted the flu at the top to try to regulate the temp, but it didn't work too well, I think that perhaps the vent controls the smoke more so than the temperature...


  Any tips? The meat was fantastic, though it could use a bit more smoke flavor (I had read that adding more wood chips during the smoking process was pointless, but may try it next time, or try a different wood), but I had to pull them out earlier than anticipated so that they wouldn't overcook.



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I'm not familiar with your smoker, does it have just the one vent in the top?  As a general rule, its a good idea to keep the vent open to promote good air flow, so the smoke doesn't sit in the cooking chamber.  In my GOSM gas smoker, I only have one vent (top), and it stays fully open at all times.  Some gassers do not have very precise temp control valves.  One suggestion:  you could search the gas smoker forum for info on doing a needle valve mod to your rig and gain a lot of control over the temps, then you could leave your top vent open to promote good air flow.


Just a thought, maybe those more familiar with your rig will weigh in. 


Good luck!


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Wonderful info, thanks Red! With the terminology you gave me and a little digging, I found this post: - Which explains about the needle valves, how to install them and where to buy pre-made setups.



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