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Thanks I will use my mes for low and slow cooking.

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I'v been able to control the temp on my ECB pretty well by adding an adjustable vent to the botom of the firepan.I've maintained 160 degrees for 3 hours (beef jerky) and 225-235 for 2-3 hours before adding more charcoal. With that said I'm still going to step up to a Weber in the very near future.
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I put the ecb in the corner and built a uds.


Much happier with the uds.

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Originally Posted by c farmer View Post

Whats differant with the weber smoky mountain? Looks like my brinkman.

The similarities between both ends with their look. WSM temp control is way better and easier than any modified ecb. Still we can get great cooks with an ecb.

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Originally Posted by Hambone1950 View Post

Looks is where it ends , brother. You can read up on the WSM at amazing or the virtual weber
You can cook all day ( 10-12 hrs) on a load of charcoal and you can totally control the temp. No B.S. this is probably the best charcoal smoker for the average cook IMHO

Certainly right.

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I had an ECB for years and just recently purchased a WSM. I found the ECB was very particular with how much coals to start with. Lite too many and it will be hot, to little and it will be too low. As far as maintaining the fire and temps. It's definitely more of a chore than the weber.

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So my 10 yr old Ecb sits on a propane burner
With the waterman used for wood chunks
Low and slow. Works like a charm
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