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Weekend Snack Sticks

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Last weekend beef was on sale, so I made some snack sticks.



2 batches, each about 1.5 kg stuffed in 17mm collagen casings.  Simple and fast recipes.


Batch 1 -  Jalepeno-Cheddar

Dried jalepenos powdered(I dried them in the convection oven on low)

cubed extra sharp white cheddar

garlic powder(fresh ground from spicy garlic)



cure 1



Batch 2 - Merken-Oregano

Merken(smoked chilean spice.  I used a lot)


garlic powder


cure 1


into the smoker for ~2 h cold smoke followed by slowly raising the temp over 5-6 hours to an IT of 152.



Out of the smoker, set to bloom/dry over night.


Sorry for the lack of pics.  They darkened quite a bit over night.  I will get a pic of some cut pieces later.  They look and taste fantastic.  I can't stop eating them.

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Looks good from here.

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MY T FINE. great color

happy smoken.


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Looks great.... until their gone....LOL

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"I can't stop eating them." = Job well done!

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