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New smokehouse

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A few pictures of the smokehouse that we built. We had to take down a 100 year old smokehouse, and decided to build a smaller one from the old wood. It is 34" x 24" x 6' and has room for extra racks. We can also adjust the ceiling height to help with temp control. The walls have been insulated and there is cement board on the inside walls. It is a wood fired , but also have a propane burner for it. It seems to work well, what do you think? [IMG]
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Another photo
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looks great

happy smoken.


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Bonsai, that is just cool! Nice job!

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this is a picture of the smokehouse we took down.
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Nice smoke house. The 100 year old one looks like it's from little house on the prairie.



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bonsai, morning and welcome to the forum....   By chance do you have pictures of the inside of the building ??  How it was laid-out would be interesting...  racks, firebox etc....     



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Love both of the Smoke houses!  I agree with DaveO...Would love to see more pictures.



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That's a great way to recycle/reuse!!! Love both the new and the old. Got pics of the inside of the new one showing the firebox etc?

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The fire box is a old roasting pan but I am thinking of switching to a propane burner
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I love the look of the old boards.  I have a 60 year old barn that I need to refurbish and I was planning on using some of the old boards for a similar build.  Thanks for sharing

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That is a really neat looking smokehouse you got there . Looks like an awesome job you did ! Congrats !

The old one looked good too .
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Wish I had the smoke barn haha

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