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Innagural NM fattie/smoke

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Now that I've made the move to New Mexico I could hardly wait to get my smoker going and share some fattie goodness with my new friends.  I had to wait a few weeks for the wind to stop blowing, and finally I got my chance.  I decided to go for the Bacon Cheeseburger fattie smoked with Royal Oak and some hickory chunks.  I happened to find a little torch while I was moving so I decided to try a new spin on the minion method, and I really liked it!

Once I got a few pieces started I gave it some time to get warmed up before I threw the fattie one.

Nice and simple.  I learned a good lesson about looking that the weight of the bacon I buy.  The regular Bar S that I like (which was cleverly packaged in a box this time) was only 12 oz of bacon, which forced a second trip to the store to get enough for the bacon wrap.  Lesson learned.

After my load of charcoal burned down (about 2 hours) I put it in the oven to finish (about 30 minutes) since the wind was picking up (again).

It came out as good as I remember and my friends are fans, so now I have to broaden their horizons with as many combinations as I can come up with :-)

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Looks Good. I have found you can't have too much Bacon or Beer on hand...JJ

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