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Waiting on Thursday or Friday sure ready to see smoke coming out, I know you are !



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So I got a fire going Friday and couldn't get it up to temp.  Started again Sunday after church pics below with QVIEW!!!! 


Baby back ribs seasoned ready to go


After one hour

Thin blue smoke awesome                                                 From the other angle its ninja smoke


About 15-20 degree difference 


Chicken done (dark ones have a dark seasoning)

Ribs done.  Also smoked some bacon for the wife so she can used them in the green beans next time. 



So good!! I used a Caribbean seasoning recipe from a magazine on them.  I had a great sweet with light heat. 


I used oak lump, pecan and a little bit of apple.  Cook it 2-2-1.  


I learned that my wood isn't season because it would burn well.  I had to use lump to make good coals and rotate the wood to get it to burn. I had to keep a close eye on it. temp dropped to almost 200 a couple times. 


next steps

- add second rack

- install toggle clamps on FB and CC doors. They started to spring when heated up.

- Add a silicon seal on CC door  

- of course paint


Thanks everyone for your help!! 

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Mouth watering pictures and a great job on the smoker! I'm sure you are jacked to get that first smoke done!



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Really looks good great job. I am sure you have already figured out to make that rack a slide out. That way you can smoke turkeys or anything that requires that extra height. Good job on your smoker, years of fun and Q ahead.



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Looks like some good eats!!! Great job on the build.

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I was cooking on my smoker today and realized I didn't show off my finished work. I want to thank all that helped with comments and awesome post for ideas. 

Buffed it down to bare metal with an attachment on my drill. I got at Advance Autoparts.  I recently found a similar paint stripping disc for a grinder that I like better. 


Gloss high temp

Tapping off for red. Put flames on the stack.


Still haven't painted vent covers. lol Installed Lever clamps on all the doors. They are a must have (VH-12050 Vertical Handle Toggle Clamp, 200 Lbs Holding Capacity). 



Thanks again everybody. I can't wait till I make my next RF.  


Things I would change:

- longer fire box: It should have been 18" long at least to handle longer wood without going diagonal or cutting. 

- Larger diameter wheels.  Trying to push something that is several hundred pounds across grass to the backyard on 4"  steel wheels is not fun. My wife had to help.  Good thing I don't need to move it again.  

- a removable ashtray. This would be nice for long cooks. 

-I love the look of gloss paint when it is fresh but it its not so nice sitting out in the elements.  I either need to buy a custom cover next time or go with the flat black high temp and save some money. 

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Nice very nice


Gary S

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Thank you!
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.....icon14.gif...... Very nice...... Looks like it cooks too......

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