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Need a Little Help - Cooking for 200

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My church asks me to cook ribs and chicken for about approx. 200 people.  Never doing this size before starting to do a little brain storming and want to make sure I’m thinking correctly.


With 200 people and serving both ribs and chicken (leg qtr.) plan for 125 meal each?

Ribs 3 or 4 bones per?  That would be approx.. 41 slabs????

Chicken just planning on getting 125 rear quarter’s.


2 questions, planning to cooking the ribs on the reverse side of my smoker and cooking fast at 350.  The chicken will be on the other side (direct heat) same 350 temp.


1st, I’ve never cooked at this temp before, will the meats still be at a eatable tender?


2nd, my smoker is really set to cook for approx.. 80-100 people so I will have to do two cooks.  If I foil the meats and pack in a cooler what would the max amount of time it would be safe to keep in the cooler before serving?


Any wisdom and directions would be greatly appreciated.

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I've done the same mix before. Most people (85%) around here will choose the ribs over chicken, if given a choice.

I served 3 bones and 1 thigh for the meats.

For sides, Pit Beans, Mac & Cheese, Potato Salad and Coleslaw. (Choice of 2)

Dinner Roll (King's Hawaiian)

Sweet Tea

It filled up a 10" plate to almost overflowing, making it look like more food than was there.

The ladies made the desserts.

I believe the donation was $12.50

It was an athletic booster club fund raiser.


I cooked at 225-250 and held in a Cambro. The chicken was ran across a hot grill and sauced before serving. The skin will get tough, if you hold very long. I don't like holding chicken more than 3-4 hours. It gets mushy.

You can sear the ribs too if you want. Adding a bit of char to them.

Give it a trial practice run before the actual cook to see what works best for you.

I would do ribs first and chicken last to minimize the hold times.

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thank you for the in put.. Yes I will make a rehearsal run before the event..
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