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heres the one that i did bought both piece at d sales 20 on the smoker and 25 on the char grill it was new in the box. i still put the water bowl in and i put 1/2" foil back insulation in side. used on a cold day and the temp is not to hard to hold as long as you control the air to the charcoal early on



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also you cant see the flue but i put 5" stove pipe on it as this is inside my closed in smoke house

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That turned out nice... Do you use a basket in the firebox or just the "tray" that it came with? Lump or briquettes? Are you able to get enough fuel inside without a box for a long smoke like a brisket?
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yes you need a charcoal basket... something that's about 2-3 inches up off the floor.. as big as you can get and still get it in the door
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i used briquettes on the grate don't have a basket yet. i have only done chicken since i did this add on. i still had about half of my charcoal but i believe i would have to add fuel to do a brisket

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Ok guys got my tuning plates today! Bad day to try it out cause the wind is absolutely brutal out there but I really couldn't wait! I had them made out of 1/4" steel... Using my maverick I actually moved my thermometer place ment even farther apart... So about 1" shy of end to end of the grill I had an average of about 26 degrees difference and my high temp topped out at 228. But considering the 35-45 mile per he winds and some bigger gusts I guess not so bad... I couldn't let the heat and smoke go to waste so I decided to cook this up!

Nice little London broil that tasted phenominal! Not sure why it appears well done the internal was only 140... Either way it was super tender and tasted great! Anytime I can get the kids to eat meat dinner is a success!!!
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Never waste a good fire...... smoke, smoke smoke meat..... Yeah !!!!!!

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Ok boys! Running a practice smoke today to try out the plates and the charcoal basket I made up! No issue getting up to temp. She went right up to 275-280 in about 1/2 an hour! The delta t across the CC is down to about 15-18 degrees!

And once again I don't like to waste a good fire sooo----

Some country ribs it is!
Look for some good Q view on Sunday I'll be doing my first brisket! ( provided all goes well with this today!)
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Mmmm good!!!

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