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recipe storage

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What do you guys/gals use to save your recpies on your computer and find them


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I got the Evernote app for my iPhone. I have just been copying and pasting to there.
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Word docs in folders.


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+1 for Evernote.
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Evernote and Bookmark on Google Chrome...JJ

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Evernote with the Webclipper extension, no more copy/paste, just 1 click saves whole webpages.
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More great info just downloaded....Thx
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Love evernote

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Me also

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I use an old fashioned pencil and and a moleskine notebook....


They do have some nice notebooks.  I use them at work as well.  Even gave a couple as a Christmas gift....

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Not sure about the moleskin part but I do agree with pen to paper!

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I use a software called Cookin' by Betty Crocker. Its does things I have not even thought of needing yet and I have been using it for about 10 years now. I try to keep it all backed up to a flash drive also, just in case. Think I have upgraded 11 times so far. I have all Mom's, Grandma's, Pops, sisters, mine, etc etc.... Only problem I can say, I would like to see a shortcut sheet so I can find instructions as to what I am trying to do....LOL


I still have a huge amount saved on my computer that I have not transcribed yet also.

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I put mine in a "Recipes" section of my website.  I designed and wrote all the code for the website.  You can see it on my website.

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I have created a SMF Smoking Cookbook and have broken into categories (beef, pork etc.). I save everything in it and just keep adding to it. I think It is over 600 pages now.
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Cook'n software - awesome to use. Just search in the web. The have an app to

You can search the web and it will automatically create recipes in the database on your computer.

Not very expensive - we'll worth it.

I bought to make a family cook book - only way to go.
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