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Ahron, morning.....  You are taking this smoking stuff to new heights..   Nice rotisserie....  Your design I assume...  All of your projects are drooling good....    Dave

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That is wicked cool. Looks delish.

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Awesome set up there.  I am in the process of getting a large charcoal bbq fabricated for me and want to have the option to put a large mechanical rotisserie above it like yours.  Can you give me some pointers as to what your thought process was when making yours and maybe point me in the right direction as to where to find various size electrical, stand-alone rotisseries?

Thank you for your time and good cooking!


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Really nice ... great to hear from you again , hope the party was a Bomb (that means very good here)...

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That looks absolutely mouth-watering! LOVE the equipment selection.....  If my wife saw me with a spray gun out there, I'd be eatin' it all my meself.....

Maybe a little eland on there next time?? I'd make the trip!


Happy smokin, and go Springboks!!



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That is AMAZING!!! I love the look of it. WAY TO GO!!!

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