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Love the build.  I'm just sorry I didn't start following it sooner.  About the license, here in Florida there are many different ones and the regulations are a nightmare to follow on your own.  What I finally did was call up the local health inspector, told them what I wanted to do, and asked exactly what I needed as far as my trailer setup as well as licensing.  They were incredibly helpful and it turned out that I didn't need nearly as much as I thought.  I would recommend you start with your local health inspectors office.  I would imagine they would be all too happy to help you make sure you are legal and safe.  After all, they will be the one's inspecting your rig.  Hope this saves you some headaches.  Keep up the good work!!

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Can I come for the inaugural smoke???? This smoker is awesome!

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Many thanks.  I have plans of getting to the Health Department, just have life going on and trying to get these smokers ready for the competition.  I think I.m close to being done.

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But of course.....I am looking forward to good food, good friends, and good conversations.opefully paint late this weekend.

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Got out to my shop last night to put some more counterweights on.  No Acetalene.  Dang.  So I fabbed last hing up and hung upper vent door.  Also got tank #2 halfway cleaned.  Hopefully will have counterweights all on tank #1 tonight.  Pics coming.


Found a local company that does the food safe coatings.  Thank goodness.  Shipping to do the Washington company is $600.  To much.  Supposed to meet with local guy today.


I think that I will be ready for paint on Sunday.  Finally see the light.

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I don't use much acetylene anymore since I got my plasma cutter. Very nice and helpful tool. Should have gotten one years ago. Savings on acetylene would more than pay for it. Mine will easily cut thru 1" steel plate.
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Plasma cutter is in my future, but right now I'm channeling available fnds in different direction.  Can't wait to try one.

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Read on my fellow smokers, I promise this blog won't disappoint.


Got out to my shop tonight....in my spare time, which is why this is so late.  Take a look at the pics 'cause I am one proud papa tonight.

Counterweights in a clamp being welded up

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Oops, wrong button.

Weights with caps on. 

Nice and straight.  Took a while to figure out how to get these fabbed to be right, once I did was really easy.

I LOVE this smoker!!!  And it really does look like it came out of a professional shop.


Got the rest of uprights cut out tonight.  Just have a lot of grinding to do to them and fab them up.


I know most if not all of you think this build is almost complete.....wrong look below.

This is my briquett grill in it's raw state.  It also gets mounted to the trailer.  Haven't even started it


Hopefully weights on tank #2 tomorrow night.

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You did a good job on the counter weights. As far as looking like a professional build it's better. A shop would never put that much work in the details. Can't wait to see what the finished product looks like. Good job.


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Looks awesome! You will be able to enjoy this beast for a long long time! Going to be nice to see this thing painted and on the trailer.

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I got all counterweights on and tank #2        2/3 cleaned.  I moved the tanks together for pics for you guys.  Keep in mind that they don't face each other once mounted.


Paint Sunday afternoon for sure.  Status:  RF drains, firebox latches, and about 2 hours of grinding/cleaning left to do.


By the way, these beasts, you just don't move easily.



My wie came by the shop tonight, she hadn't seen these in a couple of weeks.  She asked me if I even had any idea these would be this awesome.  I didn't.


Last thing for those of you contemplating a smoker and you can't weld well.  When I started this 2 months ago, my welds sucked.  But throughout all of this my welds have gotten pretty dang good.  Yours will too.  Keep your spirits up and a grinder handy.

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Looking fantastic! Looking forward to Battle of the Bones. 🔥🐖🐂🍻
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They look great. Waiting on the pics after paint.
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Will deffinatly post. Postponing paint until last minute latches come in this week
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letters are in paint is an will be painting Monday night after I get back from the coast be watching for pics
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latches are in dang smart phones
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Tell me again, how many whole cows are you going to be cooking at a time laugh1.gif Awesome!

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Have fun and Good Luck in your venture and . . .

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I should have named it the holy cow.LOL. Going to North Bend for the KCSB sponsored blues and brews festival. Taking their judging class. Spying on other peoples smokers
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