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Originally Posted by urbotrimmm View Post

I should have named it the holy cow.LOL. Going to North Bend for the KCSB sponsored blues and brews festival. Taking their judging class. Spying on other peoples smokers

I was going to sign up for that class, but couldn't make the time frame work. I'll be interested to hear how it goes.

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So far there's only one factory smoker. A jambo that is waaaaaay nice. There are a few glorified or hyper smokers that have copied traeger. I call them phonies because they use pellets and forced air. And 2 home built of which only one that comes SLIGHTLY close to mine
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The class was actually pretty good. The food we judged was not even close to competition. In fact I spit the brisket out it was so bad. I got to see a Lang 84" smoker and got a charge out of how much that smoker cost.

I did see a smoker that heated their water the old fashion way by the firebox....something I may no. THOUGHTS ON THIS
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I always cook with water in my cooker.  It evens out the temps across the chamber and adds moisture to the air.  I never cook without it!

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They heated their water through the firebox the old old fashion way
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Mike, morning....  some folks use an "on demand" propane water heater...  Instant hot water... easy and reliable...   Dave

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Finally got some color on these.  Looking to skin trailer with diamaplate in next couple of days and then mount nsmokers.  All I can say is holy crap!  Even I'm impressed.


Right before paint, wiped down and taped up.







That heat tolerant paint from Home Dep[ot is AMAZING!  I bought 3 gallons thinking I possibly would need another 1 or 2.  Wow, one gallon later and the tanks are gorgeous.  I had 2 runs and its an oil based paint, just a swipe of the ole' paint brush and runs gone, oil allowed the paint to flow and now, no brush strokes.



Can't wait for fire

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They're looking great!!🍻
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Went to shop to check on my babies.  They look good but shop was cool and paint still not dry.  I turned heater on and will go back early in morning to spray a second coat.  Goodness they look good though.

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Second coated this morning.  Went out at noon to look at them...OMG!!!!  Pics tomorrow....over the top!  Ordered diamaplate to skin trailer with this morning.  Steel in...picking up tomorrow and installing tomorrow night.  Have an appointment with my business partner tomorrow to go to health department to check into licensing.  Project on a rocketship of things to do. 


Took pics out to my brother at "The Butcher Shop" this morning.  Screwball wants me to park the trailer in his parking lot once smokers are loaded onto trailer so he can brag on them.


Going to try and paint trailer on Thursday, mount smokers on Friday and fire on Saturday?  Not sure yet.


Going out to shop in early A.M. to start buildind framework for stainless shelves and cover smokers with plastic to keep granite dust from settling on my babies.


Pics I promise tomorrow.

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Been a busy week and I haven't had enough energy to blog, I've tried but end up dozing.  So I figure I owe you the scoop to catch you up.


Got my skin for trailer in and have installed it





Met with Health Department and went over trailer.  Submitted plan of trailer and was told continue on with construction.


Now the push is really on because water system has to be in place and inspected.


Selected a paint color and actually got trailer painted this morning.



Of course I had to paint wheels until I can turn a buck and change hubs out for some chrome ones.



I also got frames built and painted for stainless shelves used to load smokers



Tomorrow is assembly time.  Loading smokers in the A.M.  Pics to follow loading

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Let me guess at the gross weight of the trailer and smokers..  11,500 pounds....    Looking good.... First class build....   Dave

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I should take bets Dave. I'm guessing 10 K. I plan on weighing in after full assembly. Remember the briquette grill and warming oven aren't built yet
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Are you planning on towing it with an old Ford Ranger pick-up, or something a bit bigger.... LOL

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I was thinking of being a tree hugger and pulling it with my smart car.

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Originally Posted by urbotrimmm View Post

I was thinking of being a tree hugger and pulling it with my smart car.

I want to A) see pictures of that and B) see pictures of peoples faces when you pulled into a competition with it being hooked to something like that!

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Tried to do this blog last night and ended up snoozing.  two things an obcession like this will do for you, cause you to loose sleep and weight.  I've lost about 30 lbs doing this and now don't have one brown hair left and wouldn't change it for anything.


Enough rambeling.  Feast your eyes on this beast.




I mocked up the sinks in this photo






Did initial burn off last night.  Came up to temp in about 25 minutes.  Was at 400 in about 30-35 minutes and held 400 steady as she be.  Just did a paint burn off last night.  Will be seasoning it tonight.  Took wife and daughter out and had smores out of firebox.  This is one beauty of a smoker.


Dave, As it sits now it's 6K plus.  I'm in the market for a Smart car to pull it with.  LOL


Smokehouse, It was quite a sight just pulling it home yesterday.  I used my work van, in the picture, to pull it home and it's an eye catcher in it's self.  I was one proud papa going down the road.

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That thing is Awesome!!! Great job on the build! You're going to have a hard time towing that thing with any rig. Too many people are going to be stopping you for a look and some Q!!!

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That looks awesome man. I was watching epic pits on BBQ pitmasters last night and this thing looks like it would fit right in once you have everything in place. Maybe add a solar electric system and have a couple flat screens on that bad boy.

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Dang, look at that! Fantastic job. I'll bet you slept well the night after you did the test fire and everything burned right. I'm thinking PowerStroke for sure!
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