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Ribeyes from the Smoker

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In they went, 2 by 2...

Smoked for 2 hours at 170 using mesquite and charcoal.

When steaks hit 120F I pulled them and immediately placed them on the BroilMaster grill and seared them 2 mins each side.

Garlic butter and a 10 minutes relaxation covered in foil and it was dinner time. It was the most fabulous piece of meat I've ever cooked. Thanks to Tatyona for the idea. This website is making me the undisputed king of meat on my street. Hahahaha....

My Smokin-It #3 is quickly gaining ground on my beloved C6 Corvette.

Bill in Kville
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Those look right tasty. Nice job!!

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Great Job
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Leftovers produced this:

Bottom bun: Caramelized onions and with mushrooms and bacon bits over thin shaved ribeye... Then topped with blue cheese and baked.

Top Bun: guacamole mayo, arugula, fresh tomato slice with salt and pepper.

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The #2 is gonna make me fat... I know it. What kind of charcoal did you use?
post #6 of 17 did I miss this? ribeyes look awesome and whoda thunk leftovers could look so good?

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I use Cowboy Lump Charcoal... I put 2 large pieces and 2 cups of mesquite wood chips in the box. The chips burned completely, the charcoal was still going when I pulled the steaks.

I love this smoker, and the possibilities seem endless. Best decision I've made concerning a piece if cooking equipment.

Next week I'm going to experiment with cold smoking the ribeyes and then letting them dry age for 10-14 days.

Bill in NC
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What's the reasoning behind adding the lump charcoal? Why not just more regular wood chunks?

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I believe it is in order to try and get a "smoke ring" which needs some form of combustion etc....If you scan the electric smoker forums there are plenty of posts about it that can explain it a lot better than I can.

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For the ribeyes it gives that charcoal flavor!!!

For the briskets it's all about the smoke ring.

I don't remember the science behind it, put wood won't produce it. Propane and charcoal will.
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Looks great, sandwich looks awesome too. I've been thinking about giving the charcoal a try just for S's&G's, you were definitely able to pick up that charcoal flavor even with using mesquite?

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I was.... I didnt use a lot of wood.

It's all trial and error with me. I'm keeping notes on what I do, right and wrong. Haha!

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Cool beans, I'll give it a shot next go around and see what happens.

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Yumm!!! Love ribeye. Am inspired to try it.

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I know this is an old thread but was hoping to get a reply......


Hey Wolf, doesn't look like you did any prep on the ribeyes (rub, marinade), did you put them in the smoker straight out of the package? Did you finish them with anything other than searing them on the grill?

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Sorry for the late response. I've been off line for awhile.

I didn't do anything to the ribeyes but let them warm to room temp and then put them in the smoker.

I did salt and pepper them before I threw them on the grill. I get my grill as hot as possible before I put the steaks on. The smoker really infused the meat. I still enjoy doing them this way.
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Wow those steaks look and sound amazing and ribeye is one of my favorite cuts.   Then I scroll down and read about and view the sandwich and I lost it, drool all on the keyboard.  Nice job.

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