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Nothing better than having good BBQ and the mountains. VA guy here from Wythe/Wise County implanted in Alabama. God how much I miss home but had to move down here from being laid off in the mines. Thanks for showing the pics puts a smile on my face!

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Here is the spot where I caught a few nice trout.

Nick was catching small mouth bass here.....

My camera sucks & the pic isn't any clearer on the forum but there is actually a nice waterfall across the river there.

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Those reverse flow smokers are sweet. I've read a lot about how they evenly heat.

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Dr K Doug's rig was amazing & he was the master of his pit.  It cooked so even we really didn't even move anything around.  Had the 2 butts, brisket & the one rack I brought on the bottom & all of his ribs on the top.  With everything great there are often trade offs.  With the Lang I guess Doug had to stay pretty close to it to keep the fire perfect & couldn't wander around much on Saturday.  That was ok by him cause thats what he likes to do & he can do it so well he doesn't even look like he is doing it cause he is just having fun!  Doug also did all of the cooking with the hickory he brought.  No charcoal so we had some fun cutting & splitting for perfect sizes.  He left me with a few nice logs to use on my rinky dink smoker.  I may actually have to get counseling because I am so jealous of Doug's smoker.  I never realized joining the VA Smokers Group could have cost me so much.

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You are too kind. Thank you! Next time maybe we can try and get up that way on Thursday and stay local then meet earlier on Friday for more fishing and walking around. 


Oh and don't forget I am also pretty good at cooking gasoline in a gas can too!! Doh!!

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Well Doug I was going to let you elaborate yourself on the flaming gas can :)

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Good deal.. glad all went well and everybody enjoyed themselves .... these gatherings are a blast... aren't they
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I don't have any other relevant pics to post.  It looked like Doug had a really nice camera which I saw on a chair somewhere.  Maybe he has some to add.  I guess you hit the nail on the head Jck.  It wasn't really a gathering cause it was just 4 of us total.  It was a memorable experience I know that we will never forget.  As perfect as perfect could be.  Not one thing went wrong the entire time even when Doug lit the gas can he was holding on fire. 

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LOL yeah that was funny as I look back on it. I was a bit wrapped up in the moment and the beauty of the place so my camera basically lived on the couch. I think I got a few pics of the area on a wide angle lens that I will post. 


Now we had a fire the first night and HNS lit it up and it went very well and without event. Then came the second night and the wood was a bit wet and things were just not gonna light. So we got the gas can and used a little to get it started. It kept going out and HNS was using a red solo cup to pour a small bit of gas on it to get the fire going. Then the cup got eaten through by the gas and well.... I decided in a stupor that just pouring from the gas can would probably work. Yeah I know bad idea... Anyhow I poured and man did it go up.. Then I looked as everyone is going Oh crap and the gas can in my hand is on fire. Well I like to solve problems so I looked at it and with the most brain power I could muster I tried to blow out the flames. Needless to say that did not work. At this point Nick and Amy are basically getting the heck out of dodge and HNS yells throw it in the lake. Well I guess we were on the same page so i walked it down to the river and tossed it in. Made a beautiful sight when it was igniting on the water. I know bad for the environment etc... but it was cool. Anyhow HNS plucked it out of the river and we then spent a while more drinking beer and at least I was laughing about the whole thing. Too funny.


I will post the pics as soon as I get off my lazy but and go do it which will be in a few hours (have to work a little at least). 

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drool.gif Yum!!

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Sounds like a fun and relaxing weekend, even with only 4! Heck in my opinion if you are relaxing, having fun, good food and great company, 2 is a gathering!!!! 

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I will be finished staining the cabin on Saturday so I have an extra day to work on the shed roof that blew off in a storm last year.  That will earn me huge brownie points with the Echol's so I am thinking about scheduling about 5 days the 3rd week in October.  I will keep ya posted on that smokinclt & if you guys can't make it just give me your address so I can steal your Lang!

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Originally Posted by HoTnSpicy View Post

Nice looking rig. Is that a Lang 60.
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Yeah its a 60.  Sweet rig!

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