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How good is the Smoke Hollow 44" smoker ? - Page 6

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Isopropyl Alcohol ts toxic. So at least make sure to use soap and water after to wipe it clean.
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I use plain white vinegar on mine with a few paper towels. Takes a tiny bit of elbow grease but it really comes off quite easily, and I know nothing is going in my food that I wouldn't be willing to take a swig of :-)
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I use a scrubbing pad and some soapy water, the mess comes off great! I also have trouble with the chips lasting. I had no better luck soaking them in water either. Last few times I smoked, I bought a bag of chunks and used those. They seem to last longer. I keep a little hatchet nearby and if the piece is too big to fit in the tray, I just give it a few smacks. Its taken some getting use to but I really like this smoker! 

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I've had mine for about 6-8 months now and use it a lot.  I finally gave up on the trays and got an AMZN tube smoker and also got the maze.  They take a little bit to learn too but I wouldn't go back to those trays for any amount of money.  I do love my smoke hollow.

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My new pro 44 is kinda heavy. i made a one by four frame the size of the legs and went to Lowes and bought me four small wheels, moves around great.
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I purchased this smoker two weeks ago and have had very good luck with it. I have done jerky, turkey, chicken, beef and pork and venison roasts.

it all came out perfect. the temps that i set held with no problem. I did buy wheels to put on it and it is now easier to move around.

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