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Originally Posted by HANDYMANSTAN View Post

Thank you Riblet for joining in and adding yourself to the Michigan map.




Hmm, I thought I made a post this morning , but apparently goofed it up. Thanks for the welcome, Stan.  I've been a member here for awhile, but don't post that often. I should, just about everything I've learned about smoking has come from here. I thought I would add my name, and get to know some of you folks around here in Michigan.

I've been cooking on webers as long as I can remember. I started smoking with a little 2 door Brinkman vertical, my wife got me for Christmas a couple of years ago. Out grew that pretty quick, and got an Akorn for a little more volume. So now I'm cooking on a UDS, Akorn, Brinkman, and the Weber. lol  I can see it never stops.

I'm smoking a 12 pound brisket, after trimming (I can really butcher a brisket), on the UDS today. Trying a little something different. Hot and fast. Bark is looking good, lol.

Good to be here, and I'll try to be a little more social.




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Added myself to the map.

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Glad to see you Planecrazy,  Thanks for joining in.  Sorry I missed you in roll call but Welcome to the forum.



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Hi Handymanstan and everyone else here too,


Thank you for the invite. Always looking to meet new smokers from the area.

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Your welcome John, Glad you joined in. One of my brothers lives on a lake in Lowell. 


I would also like to thank Bababones for joining the map this morning.  We have 40 members on the map now.  We are growing.


The next get together this year might have a few more members than last year.



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Welcome John.

And thanks to Stan for keeping the Mi family close and growing the map!
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Hmmmm, is the link still active or is my computer just not cooperating?? The latter choice is highly likely......

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The page must be down.  Please try again later.



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The same thing happens to me. Try highlighting and copying the link, then paste it directly into the URL bar and hit enter. That's how I have to do it.
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I fixed that Kurt.  I think the site is down I can't get in either.



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Gotch ya. Good to know. thanks.
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Smokin down here in Niles. SW corner of the state. I'll make a mark when the site is back up.

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Way up north!

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Way up north!

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Whoa Denny, you ARE up there (in the summer). Maybe you should try Key West in the winter, and truly be a man of two extremes! LOL

I read in the Detroit Free Press that yesterday (1/23/14) it was colder in central FL than it was in Anchorage AK!!!!! Now that's saying something!
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Thanks Denny for joining in.  You are way up there in Gods country.  My son went to MTU and loved it up there.  Good to see the map is working again.



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Yes,  I do kind of live in two different extremes. I live just off of US41 up north and down south.  Interestingly, the northern end of US41 ends in Copper Harbor, Mi and the southern end, ends in Key West, Fl.    And yes, it has been abnormally cool down here over the  last couple of weeks, but no where near as cold as up that way.   I consider myself awful lucky to be down here at this time,  I am told that Houghton has well over 200 inches of snow so far this winter.  I am no longer into shoveling that white stuff!

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Went to Tech myself.   Its a great place to get an education.

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I'm trying to pinpoint my location but no luck yet. We live down here in Hillsdale, about 18 miles north of the Indiana, Ohio border. I'll get it figured out at some point in time! Steve (Stank)

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Finally got my location with help, thanks everybody.
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