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Using pellets in your gas smoker...

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I have a Master Built 2-door propane smoker. Used it twice and really, really like this unit. Questions:

  1. Has anyone used Traeger Wood Pellet in there propane smoker? If so, what was your results and did you prefer over chips?
  2. How did you make the product work in unit?

Thanks, Worbs

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Years ago, I sent my daughter to the store to pick me up some wood chunks to use in my GOSM and she brought home a bag of hickory wood pellets instead.  I went ahead and used them by putting the pellets in the chip holder.  It worked, the ribs I cooked had a hint of hickory and the pellets burned through quicker than I would have liked.


Now I use Todds amazing pellet contraption and his pitmaster blend of pellets for my GOSM.


Your milage may vary (YMMV)

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I also use Todd's AMNPS in my GOSM but I have an external firebox I added to make the AMNPS work. I read a lot about the AMNPS not burning in a propane smoker so I built the firebox.

It seems to me the pellets would burn too fast just put it in the chip pan.


Dutch, how does the AMNPS work in your GOSM?

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Dave, years ago I added a chargriller side fire box to my BB GOSM.

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Thanks Dutch! I thought you had done that but couldn't remember.

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Can i use pellets or brisqutts in masterbuilt propane smoker or even just small chunjs off if my apple tree the manual says no pelletts no chunks
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