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Congrats Todd!  Proof positive of a quality product backed by fantastic customer service and satisfaction, good job!

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awsome job Tod I love my AMNPS and the mail box mod.   Works GREAT..   

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Originally Posted by TJohnson View Post

Hey All

Tonight, the 10,000th order was made at


This is a HUGE milestone for A-MAZE-N Products!!!!


Thanks to Everyone who has helped make this ride successful!!!






I have to say your customer service, advice, product and knowledge are why you got there.  EVERYONE on this site seeks out that type of service to only be disappointed so much that when you find it, what else can you do but continue to support those people who were brought up right and still believe in the American Way !  usa.gif  As a matter of fact I ranted and raved SO MUCH about your AMNPS this past New Years Eve party to some buddies that one of them who owns a business here in Charlotte, NC bought one to use in HIS RESTAURANT to smoke wings, chicken and other foods.  He can't stop talking about it..... He stuck with simple pellets for now, Hickory and Oak as that is what he's used in the past but I suggested he amp it up and get the Pit Master Blend as he would NOT be sorry.  To me when a business purchases a product to use to smoke their food for customers that says something ! 


You've got two customers for life here in Concord and Charlotte NC....


Keep up the great service !



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Wonderful job Todd.  Your customer service, kind words, help and sheer presence make it all a pleasureavble experience for us--let alone the dam near perfect product!


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i'm glad to say that i was part of the first 10,000 and i am already part of the next 10,000. great job todd.


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Originally Posted by NCSmokeU View Post

Congrats...about to add to that count again tonight!  Ordering an AMNPS package for my in-laws!

Came home from a short vacation and the AMNPS was here for the in-laws.  Came much sooner than expected!


Todd, can't thank you enough for creating such a great product and having such great customer service.  Your input on this forum is a great help to all smokers out there, novice or expert.


Here's to another 10,000 orders!

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Congrats. That's awesome. That's what happens when you deliver a great product and great service.

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It's a pretty simple philosophy.....

 - Treat people the way you want to be treated

 - Admit when you make a mistake, then make it right


Outstanding Brother Todd ! I have first hand experience with your customer service and you not only talk the talk, you know how to wlk the walk!!


Here is to the next 1 million orders....


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Just got mine and I love it already!

I've been a wood purist for years but just got a MES.
Learned about the AMNS and that saved me from returning my MES to the store!
It really is pretty much set it and forget it my experiences so far.
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Congratulations on your success. Many more to come!


With kind regards,



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Congrats Todd, I have been using mine pretty regular, Best of luck to you and your Business

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Congrats Todd!  That's a huge milestone.  Now to 100,000.

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