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Smoked deviled eggs????

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Our neighborhood is having a "Toast the Tree" party this weekend and each host house is responsible for a cocktail and an appetizer and the "gang" will only be at each host house for 20 minutes.  I want to make the smoked deviled eggs but I am not sure if I have found a consensus on which is the best way.  I have an AMNPS, so I can cold smoke if necessary.


Is it best to soft boil the eggs and peel the shell before putting them in the smoker or not?

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I steam my eggs in the shell (I've found it makes for easier peeling). Let them cool a bit, peel and cold smoke.

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You can had "boil" them in the smoker if you choose. Smoke will pass through the shell and smoke the white and yolk while hardening them. I do 225º for an hour and a half, then check for to see if the yolk and white have set up in one. Below are pics start to finish.

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Both techniques work. If you choose Cooking and Peeling, a 2 hour cold smoke should get some good flavor on them. You can even load and light 2 rows on the AMNPS to generate extra smoke. Since you will be smoking above 40*F on an uncured Protein you should take Extra care with Sanitation. Make sure hands and work surfaces are very clean and there will be no issues. You might think about smoking a variety of Cheese with the Eggs. Smoked cheese really likes to see a two week rest to mellow. If the Party is sooner than 2 weeks you killed two birds and You will have a nice selection of cheese to put out on Christmas...JJ

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