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Originally Posted by bigfootmanila View Post

Got myself a BWS competitor clone.34xntw3.jpg

Beauty pare. Charcoal at the bottom?
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Originally Posted by SmokinRSH View Post

Hi All,
Havent been on for quite a while but my impending move to the Philippines is coming soon.
So really looking at some advice from anyone that wishes to help.

First I wanted to know if it is worth shipping a smoker to the philippines as i know you can't really get them.
I have read about making them too but to start I think i will look at a pre-made one.

Any suggestions on what smoker would be good.
I currently have a weber charcoal smoker which does the job.

I am also looking at the Bradley Original smoker which uses flavored bisquettes.
My concern would be when i run out of these what I can use for this.

Any advice or ideas would be much appreciated.

Thanks in Advance

Rick, i shipped a weber smokey mountain 18.5 using a forwarded (check out LBC Shipping Cart).

I use regular coal (now) but started using kingsford. I bought kingsford at a couple hardware stores.. There are really only 2 stores-- ace hardware and true value.

Dont worry about smoke wood... Theres way more wood than there are buyers.


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Hi guys! I've just finished reading all the pages in this thread. Last post was almost a year ago.  I wonder how everyone is with their smoking. I have finally ordered my smoker and will use it as soon as it arrives (June 10) and I am so excited to finally try it.  Good thing I found this forum, and finding a thread with Pinoys is even better!

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Been reading this forum for a while just joined up.. I live in Manila and use a Weber Kettle. Been a while since I smoked anything but gearing up to get going again.. Looking at making my own bacon soon...

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i will definitely be in need of your services. I am moving to PI(quezon) in 10 days. I also plan on smoking some meats for a carry out business i plan on starting. definitely could use a heads up on where to find wood chips. in its absence, i may be interested in discussing prices if i can buy in bulk from you, once i get the ball rolling.

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