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A new use for the AMNS....Smoke em alive!

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Last Saturday I went out to a garage that’s in the back of my property to get some paper bags and while looking for the bags I heard something above me.  I took a broom and hit the ceiling a couple times and from the sounds there had to be at least two raccoons living in the attic.  I got the step ladder and a mag light stuck my head up there and OMG smelled like piss, nasty.  I shined the light around and found 4 eyes looking back at me.  Not sure if there were more I closed the hatch and left quickly.  I have heard of different ways to get rid of raccoons but I just got some Mesquite pellets last week that Todd so graciously sent me. So I loaded up my AMNS with pellets and at 5:00 pm I light both ends and sat it down in the middle of the garage floor then opened the attic hatch then left and shut the door.  I don’t know how long it burned but Sunday I went out around 9:00am and the garage smelled wonderfully.  I stuck my head up into the attic and they were gone.  The smoke smell was real strong up there but I could still smell them.  I fixed the 1x6 soffit where they were getting in so I hope that is the last of my smoked raccoons.  Now I have to clean the attic….I just might hire that out.



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Stan I would have liked the story much better if the raccoons ended up on the smoker ha ha Just Kidd'n.

Great story and thanks for sharing.


Hopefully Todd wont change his advertising  to reflect pest control, he'll have PETA knocking his door down...great story!

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The People Eating Tasty Animals have already been knocking on Todd's door



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  Good job....  I'll remember that one......    

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Another great use for Todd's products!

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Now that is some funny stuff     good idea

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Update after my granddaughter left this afternoon I went out to the garage and went up into the attic. There is at least a half a 5 gal bucket of crap and I will have to replace at least one sheet of plywood.  They got into a box of old work uniforms and had a nest or bed made out of them.  Man its my fault i should have paid better attention to the garage.  Live and learn.

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Nownthat is thinking out of the box.......

BBQ coon is not my favorite.........
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