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Memphis In May 2013 - Page 2

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Stop by R-109 and visit Full Metal Pork!



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R 18 here brother. Ill definitely come down and say hi



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I've heard of MIM for many years.  I finally moved back home after my Navy it's time to make it happen!  I'm hearing from co-workers that it's not worth going unless you are on a team or know someone on a team.  SO, I will likely wait it out until next year in hopes of making a few more friends that are into que.  

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Only a few days away...hope to see many of you there!!

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setting up...q view to follow!
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Any update pics?
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Mostly I was too busy eating...but I did manage to snap this

...and I got to meet some of my heroes... here's one of them...
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I see you got a hug from Chris...he is just so cuddly..hahaha.  Appreciate all the help, and glad you had a great time! Same time next year???;-)



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Lol...most definitely, brother...will be practicing all year to be a greater help next year...and will take the weekend off!!!


If anybody out there hasn't been to MIM yet...I can't stress enough what a joy it was...definitely put it on your to do list!

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