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3rd Brisket under my belt!

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This was the 3rd brisket I have done, and It was delicious. I don't think that it was as good as my 2nd one because I cooked it at a higher temp, so it wasn't as tender. Plus I didn't have time to let it sit in the ice chest for a few hours. I only let it sit for 30 min, because I was cooking it for the LSU game, and I had to hurry.  


But it was about a 13 lb brisket that cooked for about 9 hours at 250-300. I let it fluctuate more to get a nice bark, but I didn't have the bark like last time. But I know why because I didn't use a spray on the brisket every hour while it was cooking. But it was still very good, and I am no longer nervous of messing up a $35 piece of meat. I can confidently say that I can cook a big brisket pretty good. 


And I couldn't take many pictures because I was busy cutting down trees in our land behind the house, so I had to run back to the smoker every hour or so to check on it. But here are 3 I took.









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Looks pretty darn good!

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Looks Good. I'm doing my first packer brisket next weekend (17th) for our annual deer camp gathering. Thanks for the good pics and inspiration!

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Nice, drool.gif. Nothing better than Brisket...

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Great job. Thanks for posting I'm looking to do my first one soon.

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Looks good from here, well done

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Looks good here. Makin me hungry for dinner time now... lol

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Though I question your selection of SEC teams, your brisket looks good to go! 

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Hahaha! LSU all the WAY!!

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