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New to the forum. Just checkin in.

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Originally Posted by Sparky54 View Post

New to the forum. Just checkin in.
welcome1.gif to IL Group.
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Good to have you on board!
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fulton il here

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fulton il here

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Welcome to the Club! It's a great forum. If your new to smoking like I am you'll learn everything you need to know and then some! Enjoy!

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Just moved back to Illinois after 10 years Air Force.  Down by Edwardsville with my 2 ECBs.

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Been a member of SMF since 06 but have been soo darn busy. It's good to be back.

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Welcome! Good to have someone within 40 miles of me!

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Welcome back Chicago. Happy smoking........



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Anyone know of any BBQ comps in central/southern IL?
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new to smoking from chicago. Any body want to meet up and let me pick there brain about smoking techniques and theories. i dont want to ruin any more meat. beer is on me.

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What are you wanting to know?
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All things brisket. My first try 'twas a disaster. Just gut my pulled pork right this weekend, thank god.
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I rember my first brisket. Almost sold my smoker. lol Here's what i do now: Rub: 1/4 cup paprika 1/8 cup black pepper 1-2 table spoon garlic powder 1-2 table spoon onion powder 1/4 cup kosher salt 1/4 cup white sugar 1/4 cup packed brown sugar 1-2 table spoon of chili mix 1-2 table spoon of cayenne(depending on the spice level you want) The day before I will trim any loose fat/meat from brisket, to keep from burning; then rub with a good thick coat of rub. Let rest in fridge overnight to allow the yummyness to soak in. Fire up the smoker to about 230-240. Before starting smoker, pull meat out so it can start coming to room temp. Place meat on smoker with rolling smoke, maintaining temp between 220-230. I like to use mesqute wood or hickory. Every hour or so spray/mop down good with mop: I mix 2 quarts beef stock (hot water/beef boulon cubes) and 3 table spoons of rub. Once meat hits around 170 or plateau's, wrap in heavy duty foil, dump rest of mop in foil. Return to smoker till temp hits 195. Pull off smoker, rewrap in foil (save the juice, trust me) place into a cooler for a hour or so, letting the juices settle back in. Now the juice you saved from the foil, defat and cut down with some hot water to make a finishing juice. From there just slice, add juice and enjoy. If you want burnt ends; once you pull off smoker, cut the point off the flat and place flat in cooler to rest. Cut point into 1in squares, add a little more rub and dump on your fav bbq sauce. cut until tender. Hopfully this helps, anymore questions let me know.
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my only issue with this technique is the 1/4 cup of koshering salt. I once put a rub on ribs like that a night before, and when I opened them up, the koshering salt had done its job and pulled a good deal of miosture out of my meat. they were better when I put the rub on them just before they went in.


Also i made pork shoulder this weekend that came out great. Sadly, the fat i skimmed off so i can make my finishing suace went into a solo cup then in the garabage. then my dog took it out of the garabage. I dont think she has ever been sicker : /


once my burnt ends are juiced and rub then what? under the broiler?

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the rub makes a good bit, the amount of salt don't make big of difference, but you could always cut back some if you want. I use that rub on everything but chicken. For the burnt ends, I put mine back on the smoker. Normally keep them there as long as I keep the flat in the cooler. But check them from time to time so they dont really burn. I like to mop them with some of the sauce with checking for tenderness. When it comes to sauces and such search for Chef JJ on here. He has some great mops/sauces/juices. I have used his many times as bases to work on what my family likes.
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New to the forum been lurking around for awhile decided why not just join.  Central IL just north or springfield.

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Welcome Shootitnsmokeit.
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