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Originally Posted by simple View Post

Now, I realize I have a lazy streak a mile wide, so maybe that's clouding my thought process; I don't quite understand this mod.  Why couldn't you just put the AMPS in the drum after lighting it?  Why is the additional box needed?
The AMNPS won't stay lit in my UDS . Not enough air flow .
And with mailbox mod I can reload the AMNPS quickly.
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I am going to try and adapt the idea to my UDS

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Missed this post, What a great idea and you did a fantastic job implementing it.


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Ok I have a ton of salmon in the freezer. This is on my short list for sure.

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I've been trying to think of a way to add this mailbox mod to my propane cabinet, but I move it between my house and my local watering hole, the black pipe is a wonderful idea for a "quick disconnect" thanks for the great idea....
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what kind of temps is this been doing??  


I already hot smoke salmon on Ironman ( my red ECB with super mods :super:) and love it, even figured out how to keep the temp down under 200 for 3 hours, but i just built a UDS with the intent of doing other things with it, so this just the ticket..I assume it works great but just curious if you would have done something different??



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This is an interesting idea for cold smoking on a UDS. Well done.

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This would be a great mod if I could get it to work.

I tried to follow the instructions as best as possible. Before drilling into my Brinkmann Gourmet smoker, I decided to test the box. There's no way that I can keep the pellets lit past an hour. Is anyone having the same problem? Anyone have any suggestions? Any help would be much appreciated.
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