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Sounds good, thanks for the quick response,


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Here's the latest Q-View of my smoke house. Now i need to paint and move it to the permanet location and fire it up to see how it works.


My final ventilation/air circulation are 2 4"X8" adjustable floor registers located on each side & a 4" smoke stack. Will post more q-views later.




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Very Cool AL!!

Is it insulated? Are you painting or sealing the exterior?


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Gary, sorry I didn't get back sooner been to the eye dr eyes dilated & still can hardly see. Really not insulated but under inside of roof i installed a sheet of aluminum, and plan to install alum sheet about a ft up the sides from inside bottom floor.


Caulked around area where the roof attached to the sides front & back also added a seal 1/4" thick by 1" around inside of doors. Threes no leak anywhere (raining now here in Tn, I went to check this morn after raining all nite and inside was dry as a bone, knock on wood.


I plan to paint trim one color and panels another.

Thanks for asking,


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Originally Posted by nepas View Post

Looking good TS


I sure do miss mine back in PA.


You mean you left it ? ? ?   

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Your smokehouse looks real good...

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Thanx guys almost ready to try that 'Tenn Country Smoked Breakfast Sausage",


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I don't think it will be an issue, but if you are not happy with the way it drafts, before messing with adding more air intake vents or a 2nd exhaust vent, I would suggest you try adding an extension to the 4" exhaust stack to make the outlet higher.  You get more of the chimney effect and it will draw air upwards better.  Probably not needed, but that's easier than cutting in more intake vents or another exhaust stack and an extension is not expensive and can be reversed if needed.



And sweat build.  Looking forward to see some posts with Q-view

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Thanks for the advice Dave,

yes I have read that (extension) in my research in the smoke house forum b/4 starting my build. No prob to add that if it needs it.

Also thats why I installed the adjustable floor vents.


I was in a PM with babysmokologost about his smoke house ventilation (almost same size as mine) and he has two floor vents like I do but his outlet vent is a 6" dia. pipe.  He was saying that when smoking he closes one intake vent completely and the other partly closed!!  

So I would surmise that no two houses are the same!! One reason I suppose is that, his is almost completely insulated, and mine isn't.


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Thank sounds good Al. Aluminum is a reasonable choice. It melts at 1800 degrees, so unless you like meat very well done it will be fine. Please avoid any galvanized building materials in areas of high heat, as the zinc oxidizes and can contaminate food. So when is the first big smoke going to happen? Please get a pic or 2.


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with new Q-Views


Finally finished the smoke house, got her painted and she's ready for cold smoking when the temp gets colder. It hit 80 here today, WOW!! crazy weather here in mid Tn.


The final cost was close to $300,  more than I had planned on, the biggest cost was the plywood $72 & the burner from Northern tool $39.99 + tax + shipping was $58. 


It was fun to build something again, kept me busy. And thanx to all for their comments/suggestions could not have completed

it without those.






The side shot






Homemade smokestack cover.





I believe the ambient temp was 70,  3 or 4 days ago, and with only the center burner lit,  with my AMAZE-N pellet smoker going so I could burn in 1st time the temp was a steady 160deg. Only needed one lower vent open, which gave it plenty of air circulation. 


I also wanted to know just how hot it would get with all 3 burners going, and it held steady at 350, plenty "HOT" had to shut it down!!


I bought a single hotplate from our local Fred's and set it on low and inside the house temp held at 70-80, my cold smoking temp.


Notice the bricks in the floor, for safety!!









The hangers I made from 2"X2"







Shelf for the Maverick ET32





To keep the door's closed tight I opted to use these small latches used to

pull and lock windows together $1.29 ea at Home Depot





Set my table saw on 45deg to make the dowel rods for hanging, I priced the 1 1/2" rods $3.89 ea, made these

for about $0.75 ea.



Well that's about it for now, the next ime I smoke,  will show the pic's

Thanx to all,


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Im impressed/ It looks really nice.

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Thanx Mike for those kind words, sausage.gif


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Nice build!

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Very nice smoke house.  Can't wait to see pics of first smoke.  Are you going to post on this thread, or have you already done it in another post? 

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Actually, I have done two smokes since I finished it,

A cold smoke when the weather was in the 30's & 40's couple a weeks ago. I made 8 lbs "country smoked Tenn sausage" a recipe from a local farmer here in Clarksville, it didn't turn out exactly as I would have liked it to, so still working on that. The biggest prob was I just couldn't generate enough smoke "continuous for three days".  Working on this now.


The recipe was very similar to Pop's dad recipe.


The recipe the farmer gave me was:

12 lbs pork butt

12 tsp salt

9 tsp rubbed sage from Butcher Shop Nashville

6 tsp crushed red pepper

I added salt #1 too

cold smoke at approx 60-70 deg




and that was it.


I also done a hot smoke which was dinner one evening which consisted of hot smoked pork chops and baked potatoes which turned out really good.

I used Jeff's rib rub on the chops and the potatoes I poked with a fork all over then rubbed with butter and sprinkled with kosher salt, wonderful.


Thanks for asking Bigfoote.

will include Q-views next time


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I very nice looking finished product, is there a floor or divider between the bottom heat chamber and the top? Where do all the drippings go to?

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Just one heat chamber, with three sets of rod holders. On the second set is where i put the stainless racks from my MES30 for laying the meat.

The floor is plywood with a layer of paving stones, the smokhouse doesn't have a divider "right now", i have entertained that in my mind to create a smaller smoke chamber. Right now the drippings go on the stones.


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I'm looking forward to seeing it in use.  Thanks.

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Great job on the smokehouse, Al !!

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